Hurricane Matthew hits the Outer Banks

Over the weekend of October 8th & 9th, 2016, Hurricane Matthew delivered to the Outer Banks a wild punch that seemed to catch almost everyone by surprise.

We knew the weekend was going to be pretty tough—a lot of rain and some very strong winds to go with it. What we got was a maximum force tropical storm or maybe even a minimal Category 1 hurricane; the lines blur when the winds sustain at 65 mph and wind gusts reach 85. For the record, yes,we know a hurricane wind speed begins at 74 mph.



The Beach Road in Kitty Hawk was again breached by the sea, this time directly across from the Black Pelican, immediately north of the section where sandbags were laid down to create a stable road bed.






Kellogg Supply’s Kill Devil Hills store on the beach road became an island.  it seems apparent that more than 8” fell in a 24 hour period between Saturday and Sunday night. That amount of rain in such a short period of time overwhelmed even the normally porous Outer Banks soil and miniature lakes and huge ponds formed in places never seen before.